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Lose your fear to retinol thanks to Sesderma’s exclusive 3-Retinol system: 3 different retinoids, of sustained release, perform sequentially and with an excellent tolerance towards all types of skin. Minimise the appearance of wrinkles, increase firmness and hydration and even out skin tone.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
Intensifies firmness.
Evens out skin tone.
Boosts moisturising.
Retinisation without irritation.
Dermatologically tested.

Cleanse and tone your skinwith Sensyses Hyaluronic if you like cleansing solutions and cotton pads, or with Hidraven foamy cream if you prefer water-based cleansing.
Then, apply a few drops of Retiage liposomal serum or your regular serum.
Apply a pea-sized amount of Retiage antiging cream with a soft massage. on face, neck and cleavage, and spread evenly. You can use it both in the morning or at night.
And don’t forget to use sunscreen!

3-retinol system in liposomes (retynil, retinol and retinaldehyde), hyaluronic acid, TFG-β2 growth factor, mimetic peptides, zinc and a cocktail of antioxidants (ergothioneine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, pterostilbene and Coenzyme Q10).